Welcome to the weird & wonderful World of Frosti.  I'm a girl with a fake dog, a squishy creature thingy, and some strange ideas.

With an advanced masters doctoral degree in under established fine art of 80's cartooning... hahaha, just kidding.  Like everyone else who draws, I've been drawing since, well, I could draw.  Never fond of the sound and feeling of a pencil on paper, I chose to draw with a ballpoint pen.  Which was frowned upon in art class.  You can't erase mistakes (such is life).  Many years later, with the discovery of iPad & the apple pencil, here I am drawing (and erasing) again with my quirky cute hand drawn illustrations.  Woo!

I love to work on fun geeky projects like... Chalkboards, iMessage stickers, logos, life.  Hit me up!